Windermere Training Week 3

How is it already week 3 of my training?!

I am continuing to increase the distance that I cover over the week by increasing the distances I swim in each session. This is proving pretty difficult as very few sessions are actually long enough to swim more than about 2.5km; I am a long-distance consistent swimmer rather than a super speedy one!Continue reading “Windermere Training Week 3”

Windermere Training Week 2

Training has been going really well over the past week, I managed to reach almost all of my target distances and even exceed in some of them. The main aims have still been to increase the distances and times I am swimming for and to train and swim consistently. 

Just like last week I am still focusing on increasing the number of sessions I am getting in, the time spent in open water and increasing the distance I cover too. Continue reading “Windermere Training Week 2”

Windermere Training Week 1

It’s the end of week 1 of my Two Way Windermere Training and I have got back into the swing of training with a real purpose and a distance that I aim to achieve each week. Slowly over the next 19 weeks my training will increase, my sessions will get longer, the distances in each session will increase and I will be trying out different feeding schedules and with different foods to work out what will work best for me during my very long 2 way Windermere swim.Continue reading “Windermere Training Week 1”

Preparing for Open Water 2021

Something that you hear a lot about Open Water swimming is the acclimatising process. People have all different routines and methods of acclimatising and it really is a personal preference and what works for you. For me, it is not only about acclimatising to the cold but also re-learning to tolerate wearing a wetsuit.

Part of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is Allodynia, or hypersensitivity. I suffer greatly with this, particularly in my left leg and foot are extremely sensitive and anything touching them hurts me. Wearing trousers hurts, the wind hurts, water on them hurts and a wetsuit on them is agony. As a result of this part of my acclimatisation process is desensitisation of my legs so I can learn to tolerate a wetsuit on my legs.

This year I decided to document this process week by week leading up to the first time I get in open water in 2021.

Continue reading “Preparing for Open Water 2021”

Preparing to Swim Windermere during a Pandemic!

My two way lake Windermere swim has been a long time coming, it was originally supposed to happen in September 2020 but thanks to Covid I felt I was unable to train enough to complete the swim without causing injury and severe pain so managed to postpone it a year. In November I managed to get a new slot for my Windermere swim on Wednesday 1st September 2021 in the hope the pandemic would be over by the start of 2021, clearly, this wasn’t the case. It has given me many mixed thoughts and feelings about it and the main thing I have been asking myself is how on earth can I train for a 22 mile swim when I cant go swimming…it seems utterly bonkers but, that simply is the situation I am in and I can’t change it. So, I am training for the longest and biggest swim of my life but I am not actually swimming…

Continue reading “Preparing to Swim Windermere during a Pandemic!”

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