Accessible Open Water Swimming Locations

One of the projects that I am working on within my advocating and spreading awareness of disabled open water swimmers is trying to get more people to think about and consider how to make a location accessible. Obviously accessibility means something different to each person and what is accessible to one may not be accessible to another.

I have tried to create a map with accessible swim spots that people have to add, however, this was not very successful and instead I have connected with the ‘Wild’ Open Water Swim app.

This app allows the user to add their local swim spots and we have now added a box that people can write a wealth of accessibility information in. It is also possible to add photos so people are able to add photos of the terrain and entry/exit points to the water so that the swimmer knows exactly what to expect when they go to a new swim spot.

Below are some screen shots from the app to show just some of what is possible to do on the app.

If you decide to download this app and add your local swim spots, please consider entering information about accessibility, not just the entry and exit point to the water but also what parking is like, how far it is to the entry point from parking, what the terrain is like to get to the entry point and just as many details as possible. The more details, the more people will be able to judge if it is accessible to them or not.

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