Alongside swimming and open water swim coaching for The Cambridge Swim company and BRJ Run and Tri Club I am also a writer and disability advocate, I believe open water swimming should be accessible to all. I am a monthly contributor to The Outdoor Swimmer magazine, have written blogs for The Mighty, Tough Girl Challenges, plus pieces for the STA, Swim England and I have also written excerpts for a couple of books too.

My writing started out as a way of tracking my training and progress in the lead up to my two-way Windermere swim in August 2021. At the time, this was the biggest swim I had ever done, and I used it to raise money and awareness of those with disabilities that swim in open water. Since then I have become one of the main campaigners working to make open water swimming accessible to everyone and am the founder of Adaptive and Disabled Open Water Swimmers (ADOWS). This has resulted in me being interviewed for several podcasts and I have also given talks on both my swimming and on accessibility in open water swimming.

If you are interested in coaching sessions with me, are looking for someone to write something about disability and open water swimming or if you want a speaker for an event please contact me or you can book a session here