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As the founder of the Adaptive and Disabled Open Water Swimmers I am considered one of the experts when it comes to accessibility in open water swimming. This has resulted in me often being interviewed, asked to be a guest on podcasts such as Tough Girls Challenges by Sarah Williams and An Open Water Swimmers Podcast by William Ellis and I also write articles and blog posts for websites, books and magazines.

I am a monthly contributor for The Outdoor Swimmer magazine and use this position to raise awareness of swimmers with disabilities and the difficulties that they/we sometimes face. I try to show people that they need not be afraid of swimming with those with any kind of disability and that small changes can make an enormous difference. Previous articles I have written cover completed challenges, adventure swims, writing about negative experience and facing discrimination at swimming events. I also give advice to swimmers and open water swimming coaches on simple adaptations and ideas on how they can become more inclusive and accepting of those with disabilities when it comes to both social swims and at ‘formal’ swimming events.

More recently I have also given speeches on open water swimming with a disability. I do this in the hope of educating coaches and event organisers on being proactive in ensuring their swims are accessible and inclusive. With these talks I also hope that I can inspire others that have disabilities and long-term health conditions to encourage them to try open water swimming and show that they can do and achieve much more than they can possibly believe.

Kendal Mountain Festival 2021

Swimming Teachers Association 2022

Perhaps the most enjoyable writing I do is found on my blog which can be found in the drop down menu. Below are some recent posts that I have made. If you feel there is an important topic that I should talk about on my blog or in my articles, or if you would like me to write a piece for you please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Its Not All in The Numbers
If you read the latest article/blog on the STA website you will recognise most of this content, if you haven't – enjoy my training from last month and see what I achieved!
Dover Channel Training Conference Part 2
Day 2 started with me wanting to stay in bed and my sister staying in bed, not the best start.  The morning sessions weren't overly relevant to my sister and after the faff with trains and a busy day on Saturday I was kind enough to let her sleep…aka I couldn't …
Dover Channel Training Conference Part 1
On Thursday 2nd February it was time for my first adventure of 2023, this time it was to Maidstone, where, may I add, I was born! Channel swimming isn’t all about swimming, there is so much more to it and I have always been a believer of knowing more about something means …