Windermere Training Week 5


After my rest week I was back to full on training this week. It started with my first BRJ swimming session of the year, it was rather a shock to the system. I have been doing my own private training sessions in the pool with interval sessions and timed sets but not with anyone else so there is never the pressure of making the times I have set. It was great to be back doing a proper pool training session with others and with a coach who could give me some advice and tips on my stroke.On Tuesday I went for my normal long pool swim and covered just over 2km.


Tuesday also marked the first concert band rehearsal back since the pandemic started! The Huntingdonshire Concert Band rehearsal venue has changed and I was pleased with the new location. Although it was a bit tricky for me to get to as its in the middle of no where, it was, for the most part, accessible to me. It was a little bizarre rehearsing as a full band after so long, especially in a new venue and with the distance between each member of the band too. 

As a result of the band practice I was extremely tired on Wednesday but I did manage to get myself to Lake Ashmore in Hemmingford for my Wednesday night lake swim. To my surprise, I was told the temperature was just 13.6 degrees! This had dropped over a degree since I was last there and it ended up being a rubbish swim. It being cold and keep hearing “its cold”, “its ONLY 13.6”, “don’t stay in too long” affected me mentally and ask a result I was doubting myself continuously for the entire swim and I ended up getting out after swimming less that 2km! Once out, I soon realised that I could have stayed in the water much longer and remembered that I need to trust myself, my ability and my body. It was a valuable lesson for me to learn.

Thursday was my usual personal training session, and Friday I was very relieved to finally have a sports massage. It felt like it had been years since I had a sports massage and I didn’t realise how much I needed it; it was brutal but SO worth it! On Friday night I went to Hinchingbrooke Country Park Lake Swim and swam a solid 3km in the most beautiful setting. I was sore and bruised after my sports massage and the amount of training I had done but on Saturday I was up early and went to Peterborough Lido and swam a decent 6km to finish off my training for the week.


This weeks swimming totals (rounded up) –

2 Pool Swims – 4403km

2 Lake Swims – 4732km

1 Lido Swim – 6150m

Total Distance covered (Approx) – 15,285km

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