When I went to hang out with the Beavers…

  One thing I have always been passionate about my entire life is to be kind and to give back and help where you can. Growing up I started as a Beaver, then went into Rainbows and Girlguiding all the way up to being a Ranger. I learnt a heck of a lot with GuidesContinue reading “When I went to hang out with the Beavers…”

10 Years

  This week marks the 10 year anniversary of my cycling accident that triggered all my current health issues, including my Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. After the day of that accident my life changed forever but at the time, I didn’t realise the result of the accident would be so drastic and haveContinue reading “10 Years”

Windermere – Ambleside to Fell Foot

  I woke up at 5.15am on Wednesday morning having only had a couple of hours sleep. Thankfully I had, had the sense to get everything ready on Tuesday night, including talking through my swim plan with my sister. I had also had my final sports psychology session with Helen from think.believe.perform. We had goneContinue reading “Windermere – Ambleside to Fell Foot”

Windermere Training Week 17 – Back in the Water

This past week has been another emotional rollercoaster, but I can finally say that I have decided to attempt my 2 Way Windermere swim despite only having surgery just over 2 weeks ago! As mentioned in my last Windermere blog, the district nurse took my stitches out on the 14th August and told me that theContinue reading “Windermere Training Week 17 – Back in the Water”

Why I am Fundraising for Arctic One?

After my cycling accident in 2011 I stopped all sports, I tried to continue with Triathlon for a while but I was just in too much pain so eventually, I gave up. I didn’t train, compete, or even think about sports for 5 years.  I first got back into swimming as a result of goingContinue reading “Why I am Fundraising for Arctic One?”

Week 16 – Two Weeks To Go!

None of this is what I hoped to be writing just 2 weeks before Windermere but sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you hoped. It doesn’t seem possible that I had a pretty major surgery less than a fortnight ago, it was slow progress when in hospital but as soon as I wasContinue reading “Week 16 – Two Weeks To Go!”

Windermere Training Week 15 – Hospital Stay!

  My plan for training the past week was to get back into swimming after my unplanned hospital visit and on Tuesday 3rd August. I got in the river and can’t explain how good it felt to be back in the open water. The plan was to swim from Houghton to Brampton and back, I saidContinue reading “Windermere Training Week 15 – Hospital Stay!”

Windermere Training (sort of) Week 14

This week started off with me still in hospital so again, there wasn’t very much training done this week! By Monday I did just want to get out of hospital, which for me is always a sign that I am on the mend and feeling better. Thankfully, my bloods came back with good enough resultsContinue reading “Windermere Training (sort of) Week 14”

Windermere Training (or not!) Week 13

Week 13 of my training didn’t exactly go to plan. Last Monday I had an appointment planned with Helen Davis from think.believe.perform about the possibility of some sports psychology sessions in the lead up to my Lake Windermere swim. I know from experience that long swims are often as much about being strong mentally asContinue reading “Windermere Training (or not!) Week 13”

Windermere Training Week 12

  Its been a strange few weeks, training was going really well, I had a great training swim on 13th July where my wonderful swim buddy Val and I ventured to Holywell for the first time to see if the entry would be suitable for me. The idea was to swim downstream to Overcote and thenContinue reading “Windermere Training Week 12”

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