STA Channel Swim 2023 Part 3

I noticed the sun was starting to get lower and for me, that is when my swim really started. I knew I couldn’t be far off the time when I should have been nearly in France or getting out/landing, but France still looked miles away, and I couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong.

How it all began…

Setting off just after midnight on Sea Satin, a familiar feeling from my relay swim with The Hastings Voluntary Lifeguards channel relay last year. This time, it was different, it was me swimming and me alone.  Sea Satin The dream of swimming the English Channel started as a teenager in Hastings, I was part of … Continue reading How it all began…

Grafham Water 5km

You know its the night before a race when you find yourself setting multiple alarms starting at 5am with gradually more and more aggressive "get out of bed" messages on each one! Thankfully I had managed to find a lift to Grafham and it was from one of my first open water pupils, Nona, who … Continue reading Grafham Water 5km

Cawsands and Jellyfish – Day 3

Tuesday was another new swim spot - I was loving going to all these different places and basically getting a tour of Cornwall. I enjoyed Loretta pointing things out to me on the drives and I especially enjoyed the views! I was quite tired by now and thankfully had a lay in followed by a very … Continue reading Cawsands and Jellyfish – Day 3

Cornwall Day 2 – Readymoney Cove

Despite feeling the need to rest after day 1 I had a morning of meetings. It started with a meeting with someone from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire who oversees the Make a Difference Award finalists. We discussed not only the MADA awards but also possible interviews and features that other areas of the BBC may be … Continue reading Cornwall Day 2 – Readymoney Cove

Tusker Swim Camp 2023 – The Final Swims

Sunday rolled round and I was actually a little nervous, I had already completed my 6 hour qualifier swim for my channel swim so there was less pressure on me to swim for 6 hours but I was tired and sore after a busy few days. The organiser had found somewhere to borrow a beach … Continue reading Tusker Swim Camp 2023 – The Final Swims

The Qualifier

On Sunday morning we had to get up a little earlier than the previous day because we had to check out of the hotel before we left for the beach, thankfully we could leave our suitcases at the hotel till later!  I woke up rested and with a few nerves but SO excited to have … Continue reading The Qualifier

Dover Day 2

Saturday morning came round much quicker than I wanted so when my alarm clock went off, I snoozed it. My sisters alarm went off and she snoozed it, my alarm went off again and I turned it off, pulled the duvet up and turned over trying to go back to sleep. Sadly (sort of), my … Continue reading Dover Day 2

April Training Blog

April was a ridiculously busy month with some big swims and some fun coaching too! I have still been building distance, improving my speed and my consistency too but, my main aim for the month was increasing the amount of open water swims I was getting and increasing the time I am in the cold … Continue reading April Training Blog

Dover Channel Training Conference Part 2

Day 2 started with me wanting to stay in bed and my sister staying in bed, not the best start.  The morning sessions weren't overly relevant to my sister and after the faff with trains and a busy day on Saturday I was kind enough to let her sleep...aka I couldn't wake her up! The … Continue reading Dover Channel Training Conference Part 2