Open Water Swimming Safety

As the sun comes out and it gets hotter more and more people will be tempted to go for a dip or a swim in open water. I love that more people are getting into open water, and I even actively encourage people to try it. However, I wish more people would think about the … Continue reading Open Water Swimming Safety

Windermere Training Week 12

  Its been a strange few weeks, training was going really well, I had a great training swim on 13th July where my wonderful swim buddy Val and I ventured to Holywell for the first time to see if the entry would be suitable for me. The idea was to swim downstream to Overcote and then … Continue reading Windermere Training Week 12

Outdoor Swimmer Henley Swim Festival 2021

It took quite a lot of figuring out to ensure that I could get to the Henley Outdoor Swim Festival but for me it was an event too important to miss this year! I have never been to the festival before, but I have done the Henley Swim Thames Marathon a couple of times and … Continue reading Outdoor Swimmer Henley Swim Festival 2021

Windermere Training Week 11

  The week started as normal, with a BRJ coached pool session. It was a pretty tough session which covered all elements of swimming from technique drills, endurance and finally sprints. I led the lane and surprised myself, especially during the sprint set. I figured I would be in a lot of pain when I … Continue reading Windermere Training Week 11

Windermere Training Week 10

This week's blog is going to be a little different to my previous ones. I will still be talking about my training and what I have been doing over the past week in preparation for Windermere, especially as last Wednesday it was officially 2 months till my swim! However, I'm going to talk about what … Continue reading Windermere Training Week 10

Windermere Training Week 9

  This week started with a Reggie sulk/strop. I spent last weekend at my parents and had fun playing with, snuggling with and taking Reggie for some nice long walks/runs. All was well until I started packing my bag to leave on Monday, at which point Reggie decided to sulk and go to his crate, … Continue reading Windermere Training Week 9

Windermere Training Week 7

There were a lot of ups, downs and somewhere in-betweens last week.  It started well with a good BRJ coached session where I tried to work on shoulder rotation. Tuesday I had a great, and entertaining river swim with my friend Val. I had been really looking forward to a long(ish) river swim so jumped … Continue reading Windermere Training Week 7

Windermere Training Week 6

Well, what a week! After a great week last week I stepped up the training again covering even more distance. The week started with a beautiful and VERY hot swim at Peterborough Lido, having only recently started using the Lido I didn’t know how busy it gets but it was packed and I freely admit I … Continue reading Windermere Training Week 6

Windermere Training Week 2

Training has been going really well over the past week, I managed to reach almost all of my target distances and even exceed in some of them. The main aims have still been to increase the distances and times I am swimming for and to train and swim consistently.  Just like last week I am … Continue reading Windermere Training Week 2

Windermere Training Week 1

It’s the end of week 1 of my Two Way Windermere Training and I have got back into the swing of training with a real purpose and a distance that I aim to achieve each week. Slowly over the next 19 weeks my training will increase, my sessions will get longer, the distances in each … Continue reading Windermere Training Week 1