Preparing for Open Water 2021

Something that you hear a lot about Open Water swimming is the acclimatising process. People have all different routines and methods of acclimatising and it really is a personal preference and what works for you. For me, it is not only about acclimatising to the cold but also re-learning to tolerate wearing a wetsuit. Part … Continue reading Preparing for Open Water 2021

Preparing to Swim Windermere during a Pandemic!

My two way lake Windermere swim has been a long time coming, it was originally supposed to happen in September 2020 but thanks to Covid I felt I was unable to train enough to complete the swim without causing injury and severe pain so managed to postpone it a year. In November I managed to get a new slot for my Windermere swim on Wednesday 1st September 2021 in the hope the pandemic would be over by the start of 2021