A long swim in Looe

It was an early (for me) start on Wednesday and we had decided to make it my long swim day. As a result of the temperature (since I am not used to swimming long periods of time in it) we decided to do a split swim. We were aiming for two 3-hour long swims. We … Continue reading A long swim in Looe

The end is in sight – Dover Part 3

Everyone (that was awake) was excited. We were pretty sure the 3rd swim would be our final swim and I think as a result, subconsciously, we had all decided to give it absolutely everything we had.  Dean was up and went in smiling, had an amazing swim and came out looking like the Cheshire cat and … Continue reading The end is in sight – Dover Part 3

Dover – A waiting game

Once we were all organised and settled we shouted goodbye to the people onshore and we were off! After 14 years of unfinished buisness with the English Channel it was time to finish it.