A long swim in Looe

It was an early (for me) start on Wednesday and we had decided to make it my long swim day. As a result of the temperature (since I am not used to swimming long periods of time in it) we decided to do a split swim. We were aiming for two 3-hour long swims. We … Continue reading A long swim in Looe

Cawsands and Jellyfish – Day 3

Tuesday was another new swim spot - I was loving going to all these different places and basically getting a tour of Cornwall. I enjoyed Loretta pointing things out to me on the drives and I especially enjoyed the views! I was quite tired by now and thankfully had a lay in followed by a very … Continue reading Cawsands and Jellyfish – Day 3

Cornwall Training Day 1

On July 1st I travelled the furthest I have ever been on my own – to Cornwall. I had been invited by someone to stay and train with them for my channel swim for a week, whats more, it was free. I was anxious about going but I knew it was an opportunity too good to … Continue reading Cornwall Training Day 1

Dover Day 2

Saturday morning came round much quicker than I wanted so when my alarm clock went off, I snoozed it. My sisters alarm went off and she snoozed it, my alarm went off again and I turned it off, pulled the duvet up and turned over trying to go back to sleep. Sadly (sort of), my … Continue reading Dover Day 2