Cornwall Training Day 1

On July 1st I travelled the furthest I have ever been on my own – to Cornwall. I had been invited by someone to stay and train with them for my channel swim for a week, whats more, it was free. I was anxious about going but I knew it was an opportunity too good to … Continue reading Cornwall Training Day 1

Tusker Swim Camp 2023 – The Final Swims

Sunday rolled round and I was actually a little nervous, I had already completed my 6 hour qualifier swim for my channel swim so there was less pressure on me to swim for 6 hours but I was tired and sore after a busy few days. The organiser had found somewhere to borrow a beach … Continue reading Tusker Swim Camp 2023 – The Final Swims

Tusker Swim Camp 2023 – Part 1

I’ve never been on a swim camp before so wasn’t sure what to expect but what I hoped was that I would get some decent time and distance swimming in the sea, learn about nutrition and the best way to feed when you need to be quick but still take on enough carbs to keep … Continue reading Tusker Swim Camp 2023 – Part 1

The Qualifier

On Sunday morning we had to get up a little earlier than the previous day because we had to check out of the hotel before we left for the beach, thankfully we could leave our suitcases at the hotel till later!  I woke up rested and with a few nerves but SO excited to have … Continue reading The Qualifier

Another English Channel Adventure – Dover Training Day 1

At the start of May I went to Great Yarmouth on holiday with my parents in the hope of getting multiple sea swims in over the week. Sadly, it didn't work out the way I wanted as I found it very difficult to get to the sea due to the distance of the water from … Continue reading Another English Channel Adventure – Dover Training Day 1

April Training Blog

April was a ridiculously busy month with some big swims and some fun coaching too! I have still been building distance, improving my speed and my consistency too but, my main aim for the month was increasing the amount of open water swims I was getting and increasing the time I am in the cold … Continue reading April Training Blog

Its Not All in The Numbers

If you read the latest article/blog on the STA website you will recognise most of this content, if you haven't - enjoy my training from last month and see what I achieved!

Dover Channel Training Conference Part 1

On Thursday 2nd February it was time for my first adventure of 2023, this time it was to Maidstone, where, may I add, I was born! Channel swimming isn’t all about swimming, there is so much more to it and I have always been a believer of knowing more about something means a better potential for … Continue reading Dover Channel Training Conference Part 1

Making a start

check out my latest blog about my channel training

Spoons, Sacrifice and Channel Training

Training for a channel swim, no matter which channel it is, is tough. Its mentally and physically hard and involves multiple sacrifices and as odd as it may sound, my biggest sacrifice so far have been my river swims and dips. Now, that may seem bizarre, given that I'm training for a swim in open … Continue reading Spoons, Sacrifice and Channel Training